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Some more tattoos made by Xoil 

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By Guido Engler
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By Guido Engler

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I wrote a fanzine and it’s called Your fucking culture alienates me! It is basically about female musicians and feminism and you can read it HERE

What’s in it? Texts about: Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes), Deap Vally, Savages, Kate Nash, whitelung, Chelsea Wolfe, fakeclubband, Baby in Vain, thetuts, Becky Lee & Drunkfoot, Sexism/Stereotypes in (rock) music, Kathleen Hanna, Girl Power (+Playlist), Girls in young adults literature, traveling with a band and some quotes.

Enjoy :)

Check out my fanzine guys!! I’d love to get feedback (and reblogs). I think my followers are pretty cool and some of you might be interested in this. It would mean so much to me if you would read it.

Nina xx

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Anonymous asked: hey I keep seeing your posts in the tags, do you know the band or are you just a fan? are you following their tour?

Both actually

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by Iris Edinger

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Blood Red Shoes Tour Diary Part 6 – Brussels, 18.4. + Ghent, 19.4.2014

We arrived in Brussels at about 4pm. The venue was incredibly pretty, we couldn’t really believe there would be a rock concert in it. image

We left our stuff with the Wytches and went to check out the station and find out about the departure times for trains to Ghent, where we were supposed to sleep that night, at a friend’s of Helen. We got something to eat and did a little picnic in the garden of Botanique. As we went back inside, a guy talked to Helen in French and then gave her a ticket for the Amsterdam show which was signed by Laura-Mary. I still don’t really know why he did it, but I think it was super nice. Even tho we had tickets for this show, we only made it to the side of the front row. We were standing in front of the drums which were standing exactly on the edge of the pretty high stage (no barrier). It wasn’t a good spot, we could only see half of the Wytches because the drums were in the way and when Blood Red Shoes came on the drums were WAY too loud/dominant. After Steven spat in my face for the second time we decided to go in the mosh pit, which was fun and we had a way better view there. Gig was awesome as always and as BRS had finished, we met Ian (from Wallace Vanborn) and Thomas (his Tourmanager) on our way out. As we told Ian that we had to go to Ghent, he told us Thomas would drive back later and we could ask him if he’d take us. He said yes. We met some other Blood Red Shoes fans then, including a lovely girl who gave me a photo of BRS she took at Pukkelpop 2012 to let them sign it.

We had to wait for a while until Thomas and Ian came out to pick us up. We made it to Ghent save and were the happiest elephants in the world as we were finally lying in bed. We slept long and then got up to explore the city. We got us a delicious breakfast and ate it by the river in the sun. image

Because it was record store day, we went to a shop and I got the first PJ Harvey album for 17€. Next to the shop was a venue where bands played all day for free. It was still early, so we decided to have some frozen yoghurt first. As we went back to the venue, there were many people waiting outside, but it didn’t take long til we got in and we met Ian again. We went to see Dans Dans who are really awesome, so check them out! After them, Balthazar were playing, who were nice too, followed by a terrible wannabe band called Little Trouble Kids. Everything about them was ridiculous and fake. As we were standing in the crowd, a woman passed and gave free-beer-vouchers to everyone, which we liked. The last band was Intergalactic Lovers who were great again. image



We went outside after they finished and met Anton (Coene) and the rest of Wallace, so we hung out in front of the venue and had a good time. It was so great so see everyone again, I really missed them. Can’t wait for their new album and to see them live again.

Nina x


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I don’t know why this exists but for some reason it does and I can’t stop laughing.

Hahaha. I think i could watch the whole vid and it would be still funny

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Blood Red Shoes Tour Diary Part 5.5 – Way to Brussels, 18.4.2014

My phone deleted all my photos from the trip, so all I got left are the pictures from Helen and my Instagram (and Helen’s pictures). As I tried to recover the photos with a software, it didn’t really work. This arty pic is the best that I got back, but I kinda like it tho.